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Explore The Henry Ford Museum

Celebrate Life at the fascinating Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation.
20900 Oakwood Blvd, Dearborn, MI 48124


Henry Ford Museum

Life Advancement Group's Generations gala, showcasing cutting-edge marketing and technology for the pro-life movement, finds a natural synergy at the Henry Ford Museum of Innovation. Just as the museum honors historical innovators, we pioneer advancements in advocacy, shaping the future of the pro-life cause.

Museum Plaza

At the heart of the Generations gala lies the Henry Ford Museum's Museum Plaza, boasting a suspended DC-3 plane as its centerpiece. This iconic aircraft sets the stage for an evening of elegance and sophistication, where guests gather amidst the Plaza's grandeur to celebrate advancements in the pro-life movement.


Presidential Limousines

The presidential limousines on display at the Henry Ford Museum, including those associated with Presidents Kennedy and Reagan, offer a captivating glimpse into American history. These vehicles symbolize the leadership and legacies of their occupants, serving as poignant reminders of pivotal moments in the nation's past. President Reagan once said, "We cannot diminish the value of one category of human life—the unborn—without diminishing the value of all human life."


Guests will have exclusive access to prominent exhibits at the Henry Ford Museum, including the Rosa Parks Bus, the Wright Brothers' plane, "Made in America," and "Heroes of the Sky." These exhibits offer a captivating glimpse into American history and innovation, enriching the gala experience with stories of courage and progress.

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